Unexpectedly Yours

Unexpectedly Yours

Monday, December 18, 2017

Just Love Part 2: A New Day Has Come/What A Wonderful World with Sharon Cuneta

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cinema News: Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla on Unexpectedly Yours' Success (December 15, 2017)

This week sa buhay ng Megastar Sharon Cuneta:

 Anak TV Seal Hall of Famer
KC Concepcion's Condo Visit
Unexpectedly Yours' Box-office Success
Matron of Honor in Aiai delas Alas & Gerald Sibayan's wedding

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sharon Cuneta in CNN Philippines' "The Source" (Nov. 29, 2017)

On working with Robin Padilla again after 16 years:

"Working with Robin is like wearing an old pair of your favorite shoes. He's my favorite leading man."

On her role:

"I'm championing the woman of my age group. Love doesn't have to stop in your 20s or 30s. You can fall in love when you're 80."

On what is special about Unexpectedly Yours:

"It's a feel-good movie. It has substance which is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina who has come up with the most number of recent rom-com hits."

"Here, I play the role of Patty who's so bossy in every area. She doesn't get along with her daughter but when she's in front of her mom Pilar Pilapil, tupi siya, wala siyang voice."

On relating to her character:

"I am the boss of me because I have my own business (but) I'm a better follower than a leader so I'm more submissive in person. It doesn't mean I don't stand my ground. I really put my foot down when I have to, when I feel I want to. I have no problem expressing my thoughts."

On why she is the way she is:

"My family made sure that my feet won't get bigger than my boots. I always have to keep my feet on the ground. Later on, it paid off in the sense that I know my kids look up to me. I am not a perfect person but as far as the public see, I have to be a certain way without being someone else, without being plastic."

On working with Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia:

"Their values are in the right place. It's fun being with them everyday. They were very professional. I have no problem with these kids. I wouldn't mind  having Julia for my own daughter, and I am Joshua fan. He'll be like the next John Lloyd or something because I'm a John Lloyd fan."

On seeing her younger days in Julia and Joshua:

"I see that Joshua is more devoted. I was kinda a magnet for naughty boys."

On her family:

"Frankie puts up a business that paid attention to social responsibility. They have a company called 'Work in Progress.' If you get one shirt, you automatically pay for another shirt for 499 pesos. The other shirt goes directly to a child in Marawi City."

"Miel is my twin. She's the most sensitive. She got my heart because I'm more sensitive. Kiko is more cerebral. I'm more emotional. We compliment each other though it can a source of conflict sometimes because we're different."

"Miguel is the joy of the family. He is a funny guy without him knowing it."

On social media posts:

"I keep forgetting, 'This is not my journal! People all over the world will get to read this so be careful.' I refrain from posting things like that. But in the beginning, it didn't bother me so much because I wanted to share. I wanted people to know that I'm also human. Then I figure, everyone is going to have an opinion about you. You post about being sad, and they think you're clinically depressed. I wasn't. I was just unloading, and I did it in the wrong page which is Facebook."

"I'm also human. I make mistakes. It wasn't nice to be very open about my personal life. I really went through... It was a roller coaster ride for awhile even between me and Kiko, but now we're fine."

On Kiko:

"Nothing is perfect especially a marriage. People change, things change, you change, your spouse may change, circumstances and situations may change, and you realize you're not getting any younger, you have only one life to live, are you being true to yourself. All these things, in the end, I realize, I love my family. I love that it's together so let's try to keep it that way."

"I like to think of myself as apolitical. I have too many things tow worry about already.  He has all these responsibilities. I am focusing on being a mother first and foremost. If anything happens here, I will be ready to take off with my kids."

On what she still desires:

"I would just like for my kids to be happy and to really love me until the end of my days."

"For myself, I've been too blessed. I am afraid to ask for more."

"I might retire soon. I'll probably come out if there's something nice I'd like to like a movie every two years or so."

On doing a movie with Gabby Concepcion:

"I don't want to comment anymore."

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