Unexpectedly Yours

Unexpectedly Yours

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sharon Sings Dingdong's "Maghihintay sa 'Yo"

The year was 1897.  I had just entered showbiz and was about to wax my first album.  It was a very memorable year for me.  There was a lot going on in my very young career.  My very first record, IKAW LAMANG, had just been released and it had just turned Gold.  It was also the first time I fell in love with someone from Showbiz.  I had met her when I guested on her TV show.  I would never forget that moment I actually professed on national TV that for the longest time, I had the biggest crush on her.  Soon enough, that crush turned into friendship, which quickly developed into a genuine love for the person that I had come to truly know and admire.  It was so strong that it inspired me to write my very first song, MAGHIHINTAY SA 'YO, which some people have come to know as "MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA".  Up until that time, I did not know that I could write a song.  I began writing it here in the Philippines right before I was about to leave for a show abroad.  I completed it at the Pacific Star Hotel in Guam using their baby grand piano located outside the ballroom that I was set to perform in.  I was just so in love and so inspired.

All these years I have never gotten a chance to thank her for inspiring me to write.  It it weren't for her coming into my life, I might not have turned out to be a songwriter.  Now, twenty five years later, I would like to say Thank You So Much... SHAWIE.

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