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Monday, May 23, 2011

In Photos: Exclusive First Peek inside The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Camp

Pinoy Gossip Boy inside The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition camp

Upcoming ABS-CBN reality show “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” aired its primer on May 15, Sunday with Sharon Cuneta finally speaking up on her own fight against obesity. In a rare interview, Sharon shared the physical and emotional pains of people who are regarded by society as fat, obese, and heavy.

The “Biggest Loser” is a television show which centers on overweight contestants in their big journey to self change. Every week, they will undergo rigorous training and physical and emotional challenges in order to lose weight. All contestants have one goal: to lose the highest percentage of weight to become the Biggest Loser.

To better inform the people of the rigorous training for the contestants, “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” invited select members of the entertainment press to experience training themselves at the show’s training camp in General Trias, Cavite. Pinoy Gossip Boy was the only blogger invited in said set visit.

The facade of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition camp

The visiting press were welcomed by the show’s production manager, Mr. Reily Santiago, brother of Randy, Raymart, and Direk Rowell Santiago, who explained the mechanics of the show.

Production Manager Reily Santiago with the press invitees

Afterwards, the group received a lecture from U.S.-trained nutritionist Nadine Tengco who discussed myths and misconceptions on weight-loss techniques.

BL nutritionist Nadine Tengco discusses the myths and facts on food and nutrition

The group was toured around the training camp, which is equipped with state-of-the-art weight-loss technology. Although no contestants were inside the training camp during the tour, the group was brought to the kitchen, locker rooms, clinic, and bedrooms. Anticipating the enormous weight of the contestants, “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” made use of expensive but locally-made heavy-duty beds valuing at around P200,000 each.

ABS-CBN PR Director Kane Choa, Biggest Loser PM Reily Santiago, trainers Jim Saret and Chinggay Andrada with participants of the Press Day Camp

To get the same vibe as the contestants, the visiting press were trained by U.S.-based kickboxer and gym-owner Chinggay Andrada in a 25-minute exercise routine which left the participants truly exhausted.

Chinggay Andrada gives the press participants their first workout

Another rigorous training was conducted by U.S.-educated sports medicine specialist Jim Saret.

Pinoy Gossip Boy while doing some exercises

Chinggay and Jim will be training the Red and Blue teams of “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” respectively.

BL Trainer Jim Saret gives a lecture on health and fitness to the press

The new reality show is set to air its pilot episode on May 30, Monday. Megastar Sharon Cuneta will be hosting while sports buff and actor Derek Ramsay will be co-hosting.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ask Sharon

In 2006, while I was undergoing my training in Star Cinema, my mentor told me to write some questions that I would want to ask a celebrity. S'ympre, si Mega ang pinili ko. The questions were part of the character development I was doing for my script. I should know my characters well the way I want to know Mega.

If given the chance, I'd ask Mega these questions. Though, of course, since medyo too personal ang iba, baka ipabasa ko na lang sa kanya and leave it up to her if she'd answer them or not, i.e. if I would not take them out altogether.

Mahaba-haba ito, so 'pag nagkataon, kung itatanong ko ang mga ito, baka abutin kami ng 48 hours! Sa daldal ni Mega, di ka makakakuha ng one-liner na sagot sa kanya, for sure. Given that this was written in 2006, I would rephrase some questions and add new ones. So baka mas humaba!

So eto siya. Almost 5 years later, ipo-post ko online...

1. When did you know that you are just your father’s “other family?”
2. How did you take it?
3. Are you acquainted with the other family?
4. How many families are there?
5. Who is your closest sibling aside from your brother Chet? Why?
6. What is your fondest childhood memory?
7. Where did you go to school?

8. When did you start working in show biz? Who discovered you?
9. How was it in school when you started singing? How did your classmates/teachers treat you?
10. What did you want to become while in school?
11. How much was your first talent fee? How did you spend it?
12. Did you feel that you will stay long in the biz?
13. Were there any disagreements within your family in going to show biz?
14. Some people thought that show biz was baduy, how did you take it? Did you experience “discrimination” of some sort?

15. Why do you think "Mr. DJ: became a massive hit?
16. What is your memorable experience in recording your first song “Tawag ng Pag-ibig?” How about "Mr. DJ"?
17. Give your Top 5 favorite songs of yours. Why?
18. What are your Top 3 favorite albums?
19. Your album Sshhh. . . is one of my favorite albums. How was it recording it? Any memorable experience?
20. What is your favorite and least favorite album? Why?
21. The other album I love is For Broken Hearts Only. Could you share any stories that surround that album? Was it sort of dedicated to Gabby?

22. How did you and Albert Martinez start going out? Why didn’t the relationship last?
23. What is the best thing you remember about Albert?
24. When you worked with him in Nang Iniwan Mo Ako, did you reminisce about the old times?

25. How did Rowell come into the picture? Why did you break-up?

26. How did Gabby court you?
27. How was Gabby different from Albert and Rowell?
28. Why did you decide to get married at a young age?
29. How was the marriage after the wedding?
30. When did you become pregnant with KC?
31. Are there any tell-tale signs that your marriage was on the rocks, the way Pops realized later on with Martin?
32. Why did you separate, if I may ask?
33. What made you decide to separate?
34. What did you feel when Grace Ibuna came into the picture? Dindi Gallardo?
35. How was working with Dindi go when you made Nang Iniwan Mo Ako with her? Nag-usap ba kayo? Pinag-usapan n'yo ba "siya"?
36. You and Gabby became on-and-off friends after the separation, right? Why was it that way?
37. Was there an incident that made you realized that you and Gabby can never be friends, at least that moment?
38. What did you feel when you learned that Gabby was already married before he married you?
39. Are you friends now? How did it come about?

40. How did you and Richard naman become lovers?
41. Is it true that your father did not like him?
42. In Kahit Wala Ka Na, Richard was kinda annoyed during the promotion, citing na hindi naman siya ang bida ru’n kaya di siya nagpo-pomote. Bakit kaya nagkaganu’n? May alitan ba kayo nu’n? Is he already courting you then?
43. When did your relationship with Goma end? Why?
44. Is it true na pinagsabay niya kayo ni Dawn? How did you find out about it?
45. Nagkaroon ba ng lamat ang friendship n’yo ni Dawn since you worked together in Nakagapos Na Puso?
46. How did you reconcile with her?
47. How long did you and Goma become friends after the break-up? Who initiated it?
48. Ano masasabi mo na gold digger ang tingin sa kanya ng iba?
49. What can you say about the issue he’s facing now with the BIR given that you are one of the top BIR payors?

50. Did you and Tonton become an item? Why or why not?
51. How about you and Robin?
52. Totoo ba na nagka-gap kayo ni Vina because of Robin?
53. May naging bf ka pa ba before Kiko na di ko nabanggit?
54. Sino pa nanligaw sa ‘yo from the business? Ba’t di naging kayo?

55. What is your favorite movie ever? Why?
56. Who is your most favorite director? Why?
57. Most favorite line in a movie?
58. Was there a conscious effort on your part to tackle almost the same theme in some of your movies or not veer away from the formulas?
59. Are you aware na OA ang ibang acting mo sa iba mong movies? You tend to overact, right?
60. Your worst film for me si Lilian Velez. Why did you accept that role? OA to the max lahat dun.
61. How was it working in Madrasta? Sobrang subtle ng acting mo ru’n compared to other movies. The best ka ru’n! Was that a conscious effort or Direk Olive told you to?
62. Is there a dream role that you haven’t done in movies? What is it? Why?
63. Dream actors to work with aside from Vilma?
64. Who is your favorite leading man? Why?
65. What is your least favorite movie? Why?
66. What is the movie that you regret doing? Why?
67. Ano ang pelikula mong pinakanahirapan kang gawin? Why?
68. Sino ang artistang nahirapan kang makatrabaho? Why?

69. Is it true that you and Maricel had a rift? How did it start?
70. What can you say that until now pinag-aaway pa rin kayo ng fans? Na laging may napupuna sa ‘yo ang Maricelians?
71. Ano reaksyon mo sa tawag ng Maricelians sa ‘yo na mang-aagaw since marami ka raw Box-Office Queen trophies na "inagaw" kay Marya? Maging yung best actress sa Famas during Sa Hirap At Ginhawa era?
72. Are you and her friends now?
73. Is there a chance for you to work together in a film? Would you like that?

74. Some people call you plastic dahil sa kaka-I love you mo. What can you say about that?

75. What can you say sa nagsasabi na dahil lang daw sa tatay mo kaya ka sumikat?

76. Are you aware na nabawasan na ‘yung quality ng voice mo? Are you willing to undergo voice coaching the way Lea did after she lost her voice? Sayang kasi.

77. What was your reaction to Susan Roces’s comments before, about you not being friends? OK na ba kayo ngayon?
78. Were you able to attend FPJ’s funeral? Nabastos ka ni Marichu Maceda nu’n, di ba? Not letting you see FPJ in the hospital ba or during the wake?

79. Rumors about Kiko being gay, how did you react?
80. But WHAT IF he was gay nga, how will you accept it? Will it matter to you?

81. What are your hobbies?
82. What DVDs do you like to collect?

83. What do you hate most in the business?
84. What do you love most?

85. Who is/are your best friend/s in show biz?

86. Sharon’s editing is bad. Are you aware of that? Are you doing something about it?

87. When did you start smoking? Why?
88. How many sticks/packs a day do you smoke? What made you stop?
89. Ano naging kapalit ng pag-quit mo?

90. You gained weight easily, why is that so? Is it because you’re too happy to care about the way you look? Nu’ng time ng annulment with Gabby, sobrang payat mo kasi.
91. What do you do to maintain a specific weight?
92. What can you say na napo-postpone ang shoot ng Caregiver palagi because of your weight? Do you take it against Direk Chito?
93. I remember that your weight was no issue in Nang Iniwan Mo Ako. The story revolved around it. Di ka ba nagre-request na sana ganu'n din dito?
94. Do you have any tampo in Star Cinema dahil dito?
95. Issue ba ‘yung weight-gain sa ‘yo or you’re Ok with it?
96. When do you eat the most? Depressed, stressed, or happy/contented?
97. Do you hate it when people call you fat?

98. What is your most favorite dish? Something you can’t live without.
99. Do you cook? Paboritong putaheng niluluto mo?

100. What is the medical procedure you did with Vicky Belo?
101. Why are you opposed to liposuction before (or until now)?

102. What are your turn-offs? Pet peeves?

103. Do you miss dancing like you did in TSCS?
104. What did you feel when you wore the “tanga?” What made you wore it? Fad?

105. The most daring thing you did in movies?

106. The most daring thing you did in life?

107. If you were not an actress, what would you be? Why?

108. What can you say about the TV versions of your films? Have you seen them? They’re horrible!
109. By not speaking about your feelings toward the said teleseryes, people call you mayabang. What can you say about that?

110. Did you actually leave Viva or was it circumstantial?
111. How long did you work in Viva?

112. What can you say about Juday’s tampo with ABS for not allowing her to promote Ouija? Did you have that experience?

113. What will make you join politics? Why are you opposed to it?

114. What is with Kiko that made you agree to marry him?

115. Do you see yourself retiring from the business?


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