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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mega 2011: 2010 Accomplishments

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amazing M's (Mega and Marie France)

Amazing M's (Mega and Marie France)
Posted on January 21, 2011 by Apyrl Galang via

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has found a new love. Nope, she’s definitely not having an affair or leaving the glitzy world anytime soon to jump on another job but rather a new love for her totally different look. Get this; she’s becoming slimmer, healthier and more beautiful these days. With that, there’s no denying about her happiness radiating in all over her persona. And the secret to her new figure– none other than her effortless weight loss by Marie France.

Yes, you heard it right. There’s really no stopping the Mega Star to finally lose all the unwanted flab and be in tiptop shape. “I’m a happy person. I prefer to be positive and not think that there are struggles that cannot be solved. My faith in God is too big for that. But if there was one problem that I knew I could control but I just did banjing-banjing for a long time – it’s really been my weight!”

Just looking at her figure now (read: slowly but surely!), there’s a long way to go. For the record, she’s lost more than 20 lbs and 24 inches all over (Arms–2.25, Bust–4.5, Midriff—2, Waist—3, Tummy—4, Hips–3.75 and Thighs–4. 75). Take note, this is just the beginning.

Know more about her struggles on her weight gain, slimming and the results straight from her. Guess we’ll all be amazed in a few months time and see the super slender Mega Star.

Q: You were slim back in the days when you were much younger. But come early 2000, your weight started to fluctuate. What factors do you think contributed to your weight gain?

A: Yeah, I was slim talaga ‘di ba? And I’d like people to realize also that out of the 45 years of my life, I was slim for more than ¾ of my years on earth. But there were a lot of factors of my weight gain. One was I think I ruined my metabolism with all the crash diets I did. So parang the rebound way would be of course I would gain more than what I lost. I would go on a crash diet and lose a lot of weight. I did a couple of movies, tapos I got pregnant, doon lumabas. Plus I realized I was an emotional eater.

Q: How did emotional eating affect your weight?

A: Ang daming emotion ng pagpayat or pagtaba ko. Even before, hindi ma-predict ng mga tao na either I was in love or nag-break kami ng boyfriend ko that’s why I lost or gained weight. This time around, after giving birth to my daughter Miel, I lost weight. Tapos parang 10 pounds to go na lang to my target weight okay na biglang circumstances would change. I figured out that I was an emotional eater. So ‘pag sasabihin na hindi tuloy ang isang project ko, I got upset. So nawawalan ako ng gana. I started eating without the intention naman of gaining weight. Pero before you know it, nay! I gained na pala. Kasi I have a sweet tooth eh, so I like to comfort myself with anything ‘di ba, lovely and sweet! (laughs)

Aside from that I grew up in show business where I wasn’t really used to eating on time. Tapos ‘pag puyatan ‘yung body clock ko sira. So sira din ‘yung meal times ko, wala akong schedule na pina-follow like most people ‘di ba?

Q: Childbirth is also one of the main reasons why women put on so much weight? How was it for you?

A: I lost weight after I gave birth to my first daughter KC. I became thinner than when I was single. I breastfed her for six months. When I had Frankie, I became thinner than I was before having her also. Kaya lang afterwards, dahan-dahan nagki-creep in ‘yung weight, eksakto naman nag-di-diyeta ako nang nabuntis ako with my youngest daughter Miel. Kasi nakailang movies pa ako n’on. At saka I think it was harder with Miel kasi when my pregnancy with her started, medyo malake na ako. Palaki na ako n’on. After making a movie back then, AY naku! It was again emotional. I had to bring KC to Paris to leave her there for college, 2003 ‘yon. Tapos tuluy-tuloy na. Biglang I found out that I was pregnant naman noong January of 2004. Wala na, the weight gain dire-diretso na.

Q: You had projects even when you were at your heaviest. And people especially your fans continued to support you. So what is your main motivation for wanting to lose the excess pounds now?

A: My children and still my work. I have a new baby also. That’s the number one reason actually. When I spend time with my children I noticed I always say, “Stay here muna with me, let’s draw.” ‘Pag medyo active it’s with my husband Kiko ‘yon or the cousins. They run around. So let’s face it naman, before nung those days na 25 to 30 years old ako kaya ko naman makipaghabulan. Now that I’m in my 40s, it’s different. So it’s really my kids. I want to be active again for them.

Q: How important is health for you as a mother?

A: I had to be healthier if I wanted to be more active. I needed to shed unwanted pounds that I was lugging around. I’ve always wanted to have nice long walks with my children not naman marathon. It’s to keep up with them ‘pag naghahabulan dyan, when I tickle them, hindi ako hapung-hapo agad.

Q: What about losing weight for work?

A: I wanna do a lot of work. I couldn’t possibly finish a movie if I have no energy. I wanted to give my fans my best. On screen it’s really unfair, if I lose 10 pounds it doesn’t register agad. Because I’m still carrying 10 pounds on TV. If I’m malas I’m 10-15 pounds bigger on the screen.

Q: Among all the slimming centers, why did you choose Marie France?

A: The truth is in 1986 I tried Marie France already. That’s after my first daughter KC was born. It really jump-started my weight loss. Nakapagtangga pa nga ako nun eh. I just needed to go back to the whole system of Marie France. Besides, I was 44 years old when I underwent their treatments again. I must say I really needed help. If I can lose weight easier with the modern, non-invasive treatments why not do it ‘di ba? And it’s a fact that Marie France has built its reputation over the decades. So I mean if you go with something, go with something that has been for the record and on the record SUCCESSFUL.

Q: What were your expectations before starting the treatments at Marie France?

A: I’ve been very realistic. I mean I didn’t expect Marie France to be totally responsible for my weight loss, that it has to be very very rapid. No! I told myself, this time I’m gonna do it steadily, not as slow as if I am going to do it alone. No, because I know whatever treatments they have will help me speed it up. But not too quickly that my body will suffer because it’s not healthy to lose weight too quick also. Take it from me.

Q: So far, what results have you gotten from Marie France’s treatments?

A: Oh my golly! Just recently, the one who makes my clothes for one of my TV shows measured me again to make new outfits because almost all of my dresses are maluwag na. And it’s so parang my stomach area alone, I lost 7 inches na! That’s really huge. My God, it’s no joke. And I’m not bagsak. I’m not haggard-looking. With the Marie France treatments, my skin is not, you know, lawlaw.

Q: How did Marie France help you shape up?

A: Honestly, I had an invasive treatment before. I never denied that. But that’s such a quick fix and it gave me more headaches because of the problems it caused on my body. I think, there’s nothing wrong with that though. But I wish I could have gone to Marie France before going through the invasive procedure. I wish I could have lost weight much sooner, and I would be able to keep it off. Now I’m losing the weight that’s close to the natural way at Marie France. If I did what I’m doing now in terms of food intake and even sa diet without their treatments, it would have been next to impossible for me to lose the amount of weight I had in the same amount of time. The treatments have helped me speed up my metabolism and reduce my fat. It’s worth it. It really works. Take it from me.

Q: How do you feel about yourself now?

A: I’ve done something with my weight and I feel good! I’m happy with the results. When you feel good about yourself, you’re more ganado to work. That’s what I feel. I’m more ganado to work. And I’m more active with my kids and I play with them. I’m happier. My disposition just changed because when I was at my fattest parang feeling ko kahit na tinatawanan ko ang sarili ko, actually galit na galit ako sa sarili ko pati sa trabaho easy-easy lang ako. I didn’t care na kahit I was coming late kasi feeling ko ang pangit-pangit ko naman. Parang ano ba ‘tong gagawin ko eh ‘pag dating ko naman doon ganito pa rin naman ang itsura ko. Alam mo ‘yon? And nobody knew that. So ang ginagawa ko I made fun of myself bago ako pagtawanan kasi mahi-hurt ako. So parang why would I allow myself to keep feeling that way.

Q: Your almost six-year battle of the bulge has been quite a journey. What do you appreciate most with your weight loss?

A: My weight loss is so important to me. Oo, dati inuunahan ko lang, tatawa ako. ‘Pag may namimintas na, I learned more about self-preservation. You save your heart from pain. Sabihin ko or i-psych ko ang sarili ko na, “Oh, pipintasan ka kasi hindi naman ganyan ang itsura mo noon.” So when other people would comment, “Ang taba-taba niya,” ready na ako agad. Eh totoo naman eh. ‘Di ba? Tapos masaket. Inuunahan ko lang. And feeling ko whenever I look and this is so important especially to me … whenever I look in the mirror before, it wasn’t myself that I saw. And I missed myself so much. Because the image was malayo to what I used to have. Parang hindi ako ‘to. Sharon what did you do? Where are you? I would tell myself that. So halos kaya ako maiyak-iyak kasi hindi ako makapaniwala sa pictures pa lang, parang nakikita ko ako. I’m getting to the Sharon that I used to be. And now that I started losing weight … it’s just… it’s very encouraging. I’m so touched. I’m very happy. I’m getting there, really getting there.

Q: What is your message to women who are battling the bulge?

A: If you’re feeling hopeless, please don’t. I’ve been in that desperate stage. I asked myself many times, “Ako ba papayat pa?” But when I tried the Marie France treatments and I noticed that my weight loss was speeding up, I was encouraged to continue to lose more weight. Ngayon I don’t wanna let go. Kasi I’ve lost weight and inches already. Once you’ve lost this much you don’t wanna gain back even four pounds or three pounds. It’s scary. Ako parang I’m so inspired and I’m so encouraged. So for those who really know me, they know that I’m true to my word. I’m not gonna accept an endorsement and then tell you it works even if it doesn’t. I recommend Marie France – it really works!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mega Loves Marie France

Louie Cano's Lalamasin

(Ito ay tungkol sa karanasan ni Louie Cano sa isang babae at pagiging Sharonian!
Note: This post has some adult theme. Some readers may feel slighted.)

Posted on April 3, 2008


Para sa mga baklang mapangarap at mapangahas
Sa mga lantad at maglaladlad
Sa mga mapagparaya at mapagparaos
Sa mga pinanawan ng ganda
At para sa patuloy na umaasa.
Para sa mga nagwawaldas ng panahon
Sa mga nag-iimpok ng alaala
Sa mga madramang nangungulila
Sa mga nadidighay sa ligaya
Sa mga dyosa ng kahapon
At sa mga erehe ng bukas.

WALANG duda, kung merong isang bagay na kinatatakutan sa mundong ito ang isang maskuladong pamhintang katulad ko, ito ay babae. Specifically, babaeng may suso. More specifically, babaeng may malalaking suso. As in SUSO!

Dyoga, Boobs. Bubella. Hindi ko kayang isiping dumapo ang mga palad ko sa mga ito. Malayong lumapit at imposibleng lumapat ang mga labi ko sa kanila. Bukod sa colustrum supply na katas para sa mura kong gulang (salamat, mudra), wala na akong alam na gamit para sa mga ito.
Pampasikip sa bus, abala sa pila at mahigpit na kakumpetensya--yan ang suso.

Minalas akong maka-face to face ang una kong suso encounter noong high school. Tulad ng maraming pamhintang nangangapa pa ng lugar niya sa mundo, nagkaroon ako ng girlfriend (huwag nyo akong itakwil, mga kapatid..). Oo, girlfriend--as in jowang murat o bilatrang jowa-ers o isang cover girl (pang-cover ng aking pagka-alam-mo-na).

Si Mina. Short for Carmina. Maganda naman ang lowkah (pero looking back, parang mas mahaba ang bangs ng skihead ko kaysa sa kanya, hmmm…). Madalas ngang mahirang na muse ng mga high school clubs at malimit mangolekta ng mga korona at special awards sa kung anu-anong byukon (beauty contest) si Mina.

Bagay raw kami. Campus figure ako dahil madalas kong ipanalo ang eskwelahan namin sa mga literary inter-school competitions, samantalang si Mina naman ang high school sweetheart ng bayan.

Hindi pa uso ang salitang Bobita nuon pero ‘yun na ang pwedeng ikabit sa level of intelligence ng jowa kong ititch. Binawi naman niya ang kakulangan sa mental faculties sa kanyang mammary glands, Susme, bawing-bawi.

Sa lenggwaheng pang-bagets, mag-on kami. At katulad ng maraming ma-on, inaasahan niyang halikan ko siya paminsan-minsan, at sa mga pagkakataong mag-isa kami (na lubha kong kinatatakutan), kailangan kong maging ‘pilyo.’ Alam ko ang codes of endearment:

First Base: Kiss sa lips. (Pwede.)
Seond base: Hawak sa suso. (Pwede, pero may effort.)
Third Base: Alam-mo-na. (Imposible!)

Saksi si Tita Shawie sa kahihiyan ko. Palabas ang Dear Heart at iyon ang una (at huli) naming movie date ni Mina.

Iniwan ko ang totoong pagkatao ko sa takilyera, bumili ng tapang at pop corn sa Snaxx Counter at ikinumot ang dilim ng sinehan sa pagkukunwari.

Madilim, malamig sa loob ng sinehan. Iba’t-ibang anino ang nasa loob--may mga ulong pinag-iisa ng pagkakataon, may mga ulo namang biglang nawawala, meron namang biglang sumusulpot at meron ding mga ulong tila nakatanim na sa dibdib ng ka-date.

Umupo kami sa Lodge (hindi kaya ng powers ko ang Balcony). Pag-upung pag-upo pa lamang ay dumapo na ang kamay ni Mina sa hita ko. Tinubuan ako ng umay sa tuhod, kinain nito ang buo kong hita hanggang sa gumapang mula paa hanggang sa huling hibla ng buhok ko.

Gaga ka kasi, sabi ko sa sarili ko.

“Ang ginaw naman…” sabi ni Mina sabay hilig sa pagitan ng dibdib at balikat ko. Reflex yata ang tawag dun, pero di ko sinasadyang itulak ng balikat ko ang ulo nya.


Dedma lang si Mina na panay na ang himas sa hita ko. Suggestion: Kung may barf bag sa mga eroplano, dapat ding maglagay ng mga ito sa mga sinehan. Bumabaligtad ang sikmura ko sa mga pagkakataong yon. Lunok-luwa ang ginawa ko sa pop corn. At nang paglaruan na ni Mina ang zipper ng pantalon ko, nasamid ako sa tuya.

SFX: Ubo, ubo at ubo pa.

“Okey ka lang?”

“O-okey lang…y-yung pop corn, masyadong maalat…”

Alam ko na ang susunod na eksena. Hahalikan ako ni Mina. Kaya pinuno ko ng pop corn at pop corn at pop corn pa ang bibig ko.

“Nagugutom ka ba? Gusto mo ng kanin?”


“Ang ginaw talaga! Brr!”

Translation: Yakapin mo naman ako.

Hmp, ang bruhang itoh, pabigat--sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko habang niyayakap ng kanang braso ko ang balikat niya.

Dumating ang kinatatakutan ko. Hinahawakan ni Mina ang kamay ko at inilalapat sa, ngiii, dibdib niya. Humigop ako ng hangin at pinigilan ko ang paghinga.

Hawak pa rin ang kamay ko, isa-isa niyang binuksan ang mga butones ng blouse niya. Mula taas, pababa…pababa. Gulp.

Wala akong problema sa suso, madalas na akong makakita ng mga ito. Pero kung nakakabit ito sa isang babae--lalo sa isang babaeng may dambuhalang susong dapat sana’y siningil din ng takilyera--e, ibang usapan na.

Itinaas ni Mina ang bra nya at kumawala ang mga alaga niya. (SFX: TOINK!) Unang nakilala ng palad ko si Kanan--makinis, malusog at tila palaban--meron itong sariling pintig nang madama ng mga daliri ko. At si Kaliwa na walang pinag-iba kay Kanan. Pareho silang makinis, malusog, malambot at parang gelatin na buung-buo. Ang ipinagtataka ko ay parang may mga sariling isip ang kambal. Tila ‘lumalaban’ sila sa bawat obligadong himas ng kamay ko.

Hoy, hindi sekswal ang nararamdman ko. Naaalala ko ang female anatomy drawing sa Colliers Encyclopedia. Peksman.

Ah, ito pala ang areola…at ito naman ang, ew, pasas!

Umuungol si Mina.

Pumutok ang thought balloon ko ng female anatomy drawing at tumambad sa akin ang isang akting na akting na Sharon Cuneta.

“Ang galing umarte ni Sharon!” bulalas ko sabay palakpak para kumawala ang kamay ko kina Kanan at Kaliwa.

“Uh, hmp, oo!”

“Ayusin mo nga ang butones mo, mag-iintermission na.” sabi ko kay Mina. At kahit madilim sa loob ng sinehan, alam kong tatalunin ng mga kilay ko ang mga nakaguhit na kilay ni Mommy Elaine Cuneta na umabot hanggang sa kisame ng Balcony.

Paglabas namin ng sinehan, matulis na ang nguso ni Mina. Hindi na maalis ang hmp! sa kanyang mga labi.

Wala akong pakialam, in short, care ko?!

Lumabas ako sa sinehan bilang isang bagong tao--matapang, maganda, totoo…at isang Sharonian.

(Mula sa susunod kong libro, Brusko Pink 3: Mascula-doll, ang una kong paglalayag na sumulat sa Filipino.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mega 2011 Pix Part 1

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